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Masters in Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

19 Modules

111 Hours



Advanced Marketing Analytics & Strategies(15 hours)

12 Modules

15 Hours



AFFILIATE Masterclasses- How to make money with Affiliate & Blogging.

2 Modules

12 Hours



Black Hat Techniques

1 Modules

6 Hours

About Program

Empower yourself with Digital Marketing Skills in 2020. Become Digital Marketing Expert- Learn how to do marketing online, generate potential leads, boost website traffic & increase sales revenue with better brand awareness & marketing, just like the experts do.

Why Digital Marketing in 2020?

Because today in 2020 the demand for knowledgeable Digital Marketing professionals is growing exponentially.

However, it is yet to become a mainstream subject for students at the graduate & postgraduate level. This has led to a huge gap of skilled experts who can be job-ready from day one.

This means, if you enter the digital marketing today, you will be in the demand.

  1. It is the most cost-effective way to market any business online.
  2. It is the most measurable form of marketing.
  3. It helps businesses to target potential buyers.
  4. Increase sales with less marketing expense.
  5. It provides a better ROI for your marketing investments.

Hence, it is proven; the demand of digital marketers in coming years will surely increase with the better pay scale.

Why Masters in Digital Marketing at Dizital Mantras?

Take your career/business to greater heights by adding in-demand & valuable Digital Marketing Skills from Dizital Mantras.

  1. 4 most In-demand Courses in One.
  2. AFFILIATE Masterclasses- How to make money with Affiliate Marketing & Blogging?
  3. Black Hat techniques that actually work in 2020 & known only to renowned digital marketers worldwide.

Training Objective

Masters in Digital Marketing Training Program starts with Two Main objectives:

1 First Objective:

To make you an expert in marketing any business, product or service online by providing in-depth knowledge along with practical exposure.

2 Second Objective:

To make you earn real money as a part-time or full-time freelancer in digital marketing.

The Complete course will make you a Master in Digital Marketing.

Who it is for

Students / Job Seeker
Working Professionals
Business Owners

Why Digital Marketing?

  1. Better Job & Career Opportunities.
  2. High Demand > Low Supply = Better Remuneration.
  3. Get Paid more than other Professions.
  4. Not only High Paying job but you can earn as a Freelancer.

Why Digital Marketing?

  1. Get Paid more than your Peers.
  2. Work with Creative & like-minded people every day.
  3. Get more Career options.
  4. Get hands-on experience.

Why Digital Marketing?

  1. Improve your Business visibility.
  2. It is the most cost-effective way to market your business online.
  3. It allows you to target your Potential customers.
  4. Increase sales with less marketing budget.

Course Curriculum

Masters in Digital Marketing

4 Courses in one

Course 1

Digital Marketing

In this course, you will get the practical exposure of Digital Marketing. You would be creating a website and promoting it practically in the training program itself using Digital Marketing measure like- Search Engine, Social media, Google Ads, Email-Marketing, Lead-generation etc.

Course 2

Advanced Marketing Analytics &Strategies

In this module, you would be taught the Advanced optimization strategies known to few by the founders & co-founders of renowned companies. This course makes you stand apart from the whole crowd & real Digital Marketing Experts.

Course 3

AFFILIATE Masterclasses

How to make money with Affiliate & Blogging.

In this module, you will actually learn how to make real money with affiliate & blogging by the founder of Dizital Mantras & Affiliate Marketing guru, Mr. Divyanshu Mishra.

Course 4

Black Hat Techniques

We at Dizital Mantras will teach you White Hat, Grey Hat and even the Black Hat techniques known only to renowned Digital Marketers worldwide. Dizital Mantras is the only Digital Marketing Institute to teach you Black Hat SEO.

Industry Based Projects & Case Studies

Masters in Digital Marketing training program is all Practical

learning by Industrial Projects and Case studies.

Instagram Case study:

A Proven Case Study on How a brand reached from 0 to 1,00,000 followers organically in less than 1 year.

Beardo Case study:

How a Men’s grooming Brand Beardo chasing new age men got Popular using Influencer Marketing and their first beard anthem “Such a Beardo” in 2016.

BJP Marketing Case study:

How Narendra Modi win PM Election in 2019 with the help of Digital Marketing strategies.


You’ll need to pass online examinations, in order to get the Certification. Dizital Mantras will prepare and help you to clear all these exams.

Google Certificate
Facebook Certificate
Employment Mantras
Dizital Mantras


In order to learn Digital Marketing Practically, first, you will be creating your primary assets i.e website or blog.


Learning & Implementing different modules of Digital Marketing on your website or blog.


Moving ahead with the Advanced Marketing Strategies & Techniques, known only to few industry leaders.


Now it’s time for AFFILIATE masterclasses, Here you will be learning how to make real money online.


Finally, you will appear for your Examinations to achieve Certifications.

Training Outcomes

Training outcomes for Job seekers

By the end of the training program you will be able to:

  1. Apply relevant tools and concepts to execute, measure and monitor an annual online marketing plan.
  2. Analyze the current trend and Competitor Marketing Strategies.
  3. Manage Online reputation of your brand.
  4. Generate Part-time Income through Affiliate Marketing & Blogging.
  5. Use other measures of Digital Marketing such as: Email Marketing, Growth Hacking, Black Hat SEO, Content Marketing, etc.

Training outcomes for Working professional

  1. Expertise in planning Online marketing strategies for your Company or brand.
  2. Master the Social media Game like never before.
  3. Drive organic traffic through SEO and Rank your website on 1st Page of search engine.
  4. Work with Top level management.
  5. Driving traffic, engagement and conversion using content marketing inbound strategies & growth hacking.

Training outcomes for Business Owners

  1. Increasing online brand awareness for your Brand.
  2. Bringing targeted traffic to your website through SEO, in order to drive more sales.
  3. Generate potential leads through Social Media, Search Engine, Google Ads and other measures of Internet Marketing.
  4. Increase sales with less marketing expense and higher your ROI.
  5. Integrate new digital marketing techniques, strategies, and optimize online campaigns successfully.

Why Dizital Mantras

1 Advance Techniques & Strategies

Game-changing Digital Marketing strategies that no one knows, proof- Dizital Mantras’s Marketing since inception.

2 Live Online & In-class Batches

Not available for the In-class Training program. Don’t Worry we got you covered. We also have Live Online Classes.

3 Real Affiliate Earning

No one can show you their real earnings. But, WE CAN.

4 Most Powerful Digital Marketing Course

The most powerful Digital Marketing course that provides tremendous value & knowledge to make sure you win. Proof- People copy our curriculum.

5 Real Batch Images

No one can show you images of all 930+ batches, WE CAN.

6 Industry Recognized Certifications

Certifications to ensure your market credibility.

7 Premium Quality Training

90% of Digital Marketing Institute in India are started by Dizital Mantras ex-trainees, Do we need to say more?

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