The Best Advanced Tally Course Institute in Bareilly

The Best Advanced Tally Course Institute in Bareilly

Best Advanced Tally Course in Bareilly is the offered by Tally Academy. they have become a leader in providing quality training and education to who want to learn this powerful accounting software.

They offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of using Tally, from setting up accounts and managing data entry tasks to creating reports for analysis. Their instructors are highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge about the program, ensuring students receive an excellent learning experience as well as valuable insight into how it can be used effectively for business purposes. The academy also offers flexible class timings so that you can attend classes at your own convenience without having any conflicts with other commitments such as work.

Advanced Tally Course Academy provides post-course support through its active forum where experienced users answer questions posed by newbies just starting out on this powerful software package – making it easy even for beginners who may not be familiar enough yet with technical terms associated within its usage! All these features make them stand out among other similar institutions offering services related to teaching people how use Advanced Tally Course efficiently – giving anyone interested in taking up such a Advanced Tally Course an opportunity like no other when it comes down finding best way possible acquire skills required operate successfully accountancy systems today’s ever changing marketplaces!

What is Advanced Tally Course

Advanced Tally Course is an accounting software program used by businesses to manage their financial transactions. It has been designed to provide the user with a comprehensive set of features that can be used for controlling and managing finances. The Advanced Tally Course features in Tally are aimed at providing users with overall control and efficiency when operating the system. For managers, Advanced Tally Course offers several functions that make it easier to generate reports, analyze financials, track cost centre information, etc. These tools help managers stay on top of their company’s finances so they can accurately monitor performance and take corrective action if needed.

Benefits of Advanced Tally Course

The Advanced Tally Course provides a comprehensive understanding of the accounting principles and practices used in business. It is an invaluable resource for those who want to improve their knowledge about financial management, bookkeeping, and taxation. The course also covers topics such as Data Entry Job, Inventory Control Systems, Payroll Processing and more. By taking this course individuals can gain valuable skills that will help them manage their finances more efficiently while increasing their employability prospects in the field of accounting or finance-related professions. Additionally, it offers access to online resources which provide ongoing support after completion of the program so learners can continue to build on what they have learned over time.

Best Advanced tally Course in Bareilly

Advanced Tally Course Content


1. Introduction

What is Tally ERP 9 ? Salient feature, system requiurements for installing tally ERP 9, install tally screen introduction, version history of tally

Creation Customization

2. Creation & Customization

Introduction of Company, Document Filling, Create Company, Group Company, Backup, Restore

Master, Accounting Master, Bill Allocation

3. Master, Accounting Master, Bill Allocation

Account Information, Group Creation, Ledger Creation, trial balance,balance sheet


4. Voucher

Introduction of voucher, contra voucher payment voucher, receipt voucher journal voucher, sales voucher

GST (Goods & Service Tax)

5. GST (Goods & Service Tax)

Introduction of GST, CGST,SGST,IGST,UTDST,TAX Invoice, Creating Company Local & Upcontry- purchesh & transaction

Pay Roll

6. PayRoll

Employees Management, Employee Groups Management, Salary Management


7. Inventory

Introduction of inventory, stock group, stock category, stock item


8. TDS ( Tax Deducted at Source)

Introduction, Features of TDS, Statutory Info

Eway Bill

9. Eway Bill

Introduction, how to make a eway bill offline

Order Processing

10. Order Processing

Introduction, purchase order, sales order

Import Export

11. Import Export

Export File in Excel

Stock management

12. Stock management

Maintaining Stocks

What you'll learn


A Skill to get Advanced Tally ERP Job in 03 months


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