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In the digital age, mastering the art of digital marketing is a key to unlocking endless opportunities. For those seeking the best digital marketing course in Budaun, DIZITAL MANTRAS emerges as a beacon of knowledge and expertise. Let’s delve into what makes DIZITAL MANTRAS the go-to destination for aspiring digital marketers in Budaun.

Dizital Mantras:

DIZITAL MANTRAS stands out in the realm of digital marketing education in Budaun due to its innovative and dynamic approach to teaching. The institution goes beyond traditional methods, adopting cutting-edge practices to ensure students are well-prepared for the ever-evolving field of digital marketing. Practicality is at the core of DIZITAL MANTRAS, evident in its regular organization of workshops and seminars that provide hands-on experience. The state-of-the-art digital marketing labs offer a controlled environment for experimentation and analysis.

One of the distinctive features of DIZITAL MANTRAS is its commitment to personalized mentoring. Students receive individual attention and guidance from experienced mentors, allowing them to progress at their own pace. The curriculum is enriched with industry-driven case studies, offering real-life examples that provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by digital marketers in the business world.

Best-Digital-Marketing-Courses-in-Budaun Dizital Mantras

Recognizing the significance of practical exposure, DIZITAL MANTRAS facilitates internship opportunities with local businesses, bridging the gap between theory and real-world application. Even after completion, the institution continues to support its graduates through ongoing resources and updates, ensuring their knowledge remains current in the ever-changing digital landscape.

DIZITAL MANTRAS caters to diverse learning preferences by offering flexible options, including in-person classes, online modules, or a combination of both. The institute stays ahead of the curve by placing a strong emphasis on emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, and data analytics within the context of digital marketing.

In essence, DIZITAL MANTRAS is not just an educational institution; it’s a hub of innovation, practical learning, and continuous support. By shaping individuals into proficient and forward-thinking digital marketers, DIZITAL MANTRAS ensures that its students are well-equipped to thrive in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Why Dizital Mantras?

Innovative Teaching Approach

100% Placement Assistence

Practical Focus

Personalized Mentoring

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Internship Opportunities

Continuous Support

Flexible Learning Options:

Focus on Emerging Technologies

Innovative Hub

Wipro-DICE-ID-Collaboration Dizital Mantras

Course Syllabus of Digital Marketing Course:

Module-1                     Digital Marketing Overview

Module-2                    Graphic Designing

Module-3                    Content Marketing

Module-4                    Domain & Hosting Management

Module-5                    Website Creation & Updates

Module-6                    Social Media Optimization

Module-7                    Keyword Research & Planning

Module-8                    Search Engine Optimization

Module-9                    Affiliate Marketing

Module-10                  Grab Freelancing Project

Module-11                  Website Creation with WordPress

Module-12                  Advance Search Engine Optimization

Module-13                  Search Engine Optimization Tools

Module-14                  Google Analytics Tool

Module-15                  Google Algorithm

Module-16                  Google Webmaster Tool

Module-17                  Email Marketing

Module-18                  Business & Google Map Listing

Module-19                  Google AdWords / Ads

Module-20                  Social Media Marketing

Module-21                  Remarketing Management

Module-22                  Online Reputation Management

Module-23                  Mobile Marketing

Module-24                  PBN (Private Blog Network)

Module-25                  Ecommerce Marketing

Module-26                  YouTube Video Creation & Strategy

Module-27                  Google Tag Manager

Module-28                  Google AdSense

Module-29                  Lead Generation Strategies

Module-30                  Inbound Marketing

Module-31                  Earn Money with Blogging

Module-32                  Landing Page Optimization

Module-33                  Internet Campaign Strategy

Module-34                  Online Marketing Strategy

Module-35                  Interview Preparation

Course Details:

Course Fee: ₹ 23450.00

Trainee Ratings: 4.6/5.0 based on Google Reviews and other Platform

Course Duration: 3-6 Months

Contact: 8630883597



Course Mode: Online Classes & Classroom Training

Location: Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Bareilly, Gurgaon, Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi, Moradabad, Bangalore, Dehradun, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Indore, Chennai, and Haldwani, Sitapur, Shahjahanpur, Hardoi, Budaun, Pilibhit and many other parts of the country.

Survey By: Pawani Kakkar

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